Droid phones

There are many different types of Android phones on the market. To list the price for every make and model would not be possible. Below is a list of our most commonly repaired phone LCD's.

Prices do vary on the availability of parts and the age of the phone. Please contact us for an up to date quote.


S3/S4/Note 1/2 outer glass       We are currently not offering this repair, but will in the future.

Galaxy S2 LCD                                          $110

Galaxy S3 LCD                                          $130

Galaxy S4 LCD                                          $160

Galaxy S5 LCD                                          $190

Galaxy S6 LCD                                          $240  

Note 1 LCD                                               $140

Note 2/3-4/5 LCD                                     $200/$220/$280

Galaxy Mega                                            $120

Charging Port                                           $60
S5, S6, Note 4 and up charging port    $90


Evo (almost all models)                           $70

Incredible 1/2                                           $70

Thunderbolt                                             $70

Inspire 4G                                                 $70

Charging Port                                           $60