Laptop Computers

Virus Removal and Tune-Up                          $80

This service encompasses the removal of malicious software, tracking cookies, adware, and nearly any other software error. We also physically clean the inside of the case and the cooling system to make your computer run at peak performance.

We also ensure that all of the drivers are up to date along with installing the latest updates, service packs and hot fixes. Any essential software that is missing from the computer, such as Adobe Flash, Java, Microsoft Silverlight and codecs are included in this service.

Your computer will run faster than it was when new as we will either remove or turn off unnecessary adware/bloatware that is included with a new computer.

We do defragment and optimize to have it run programs and search for files efficiently. Best of all, once we are finished, we GIVE you the tools we use so that you can maintain your computer if you choose to do so.


Charging Port                                                      $90

Power Supply                                                      $30/$45

Hard Drive                                                            Varies with size

RAM                                                                        Varies by size

DVD/CD Burner                                                   $40

Wireless Card                                                       $40

LCD                                                                         $120 and up

Keyboard                                                              $45 and up

Motherboard                                                       $150 and up

In Shop Mother Board Repair                       $100

Load Operating System   Windows XP       $80 (no longer supported by Microsoft)

                                                  Windows 7         $125

                                                  Windows 8         $145

OSX Mountain Lion (Apple computers)    $80