We are constantly learning. researching, and getting a better understanding of repairs, engineering, and designs of the technologies made to the public to better assist our customers when a device breaks or stops functioning properly.

​If for any reason we are unable to repair your item, we do not charge in most cases.

Finance with Acima with as little as $10 down!

​​​​​​​Our Philosophy is simple: 

To help the average consumer run, maintain, and repair everyday devices.

Technology is part of everyone's daily activities. We want to provide customers a fast and economical way of repairing devices, instead of replacing them.

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​​​Our experience knows no bounds. We have been in business since 2010 and have fixed everything from record players to every iDevice, computer, gaming system, and tablet.   So"Yeah, We fix that!" We offer a range of services to the public in our stores.

iFixNC also offers:

-Business Mail-in Repairs

-Micro-soldering Expertise

-House Calls 

We stand behind every repair and sale with a 90 day warranty.

Along with a warranty, you will receive the best possible tech support from a real technician, not a phone answering service.

In an instance we are unable to rectify a situation, we do provide a refund.